Opened: 1914
Closed: 1924
Address: 15 The Parade, Stroud Green Road
Demolished: Yes
Now: Sainsbury’s Local

 The Scala was a low-key cinema that lasted just 10 years. The cinema was built on a site that was originally the railway’s good and coal depot. Given its position on the hill there was a naturally raked floor, with the entrance at the far end of the parade and the screen lower down at the other end, offering unobstructed views of the screen. The Scala presented a continuous programme that ran between 2.30pm – 10.30pm each day, made up of newsreels, comedies and adventure episodes.

In 1920 the cinema was taken over and re-named the ‘New Scala’. But it was never going to be a hugely successful enterprise given the impressive Finsbury Park Cinematograph Theatre was so close, and when it extended quadrupling its capacity, the Scala found audience numbers dropped too low to keep going. The Scala closed in 1924, the building was used as a billiard hall, factory, and then a venue for Irish dancing. It was demolished in 2007 to make way for an apartment block and supermarket.

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