Parkhurst Cinema

Parkhurst Cinema

Opened: Theatre 1891, cinema 1908
Closed: c.1926
Address: 401 Holloway Road
Demolished: Yes
Now: Carpetright

The Parkhurst Cinema was another cinema that started life as a theatre but was soon purchased by Biograph Theatre Ltd who converted it into a full-time cinema. The Parkhurst Cinema had a beautiful auditorium decorated in shades of green, yellow and brown, and a thick green velvet carpet ran throughout. At the rear the auditorium in the fireproofed projection booth there were two of the latest Charles Urban projectors. As for the foyer, it was decked out in marble with yellow and gold embossed walls. It was not always glitz and glamour at the Parkhurst through, plagued by drainage problems during 1916 cinemagoers were issued with check-out passes and told to use the conveniences in the street!

By 1926 the Parkhurst Cinema had closed and was soon demolished to be replaced by the Holloway Arcade, which was demonised in the 1990s to make way for a new development which included student accommodation and a carpet store.

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