Islington ticket stub

Do you or someone you know remember going to ‘the pictures’ at one of the Islington cinemas – was it a ‘palace’ or a ‘flea pit’? Where you there for its closing film? Or was it your regular Saturday night out or maybe you went on a Sunday for the matinee?

As former home of more than 40 movie theatres since film’s invention in 1895, the birth place of RW Paul one of the pioneers of British cinema and the location of one of the first screenings of the moving image, Islington has much to be proud of in terms of film history. Yet today almost all of the impressive picture-palaces that once entertained Islington’s residents have long-gone, leaving only distant memories and fading images so that we have little opportunity to know anything of the Borough’s important contribution to the history of cinema. But this website hopes to change that by collecting and preserving the stories and memories of those people who visited the cinemas.

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